Surely,” I thought, there already exists an sidebar for Octopress.”

[Edit: Well, there is, officially.]

Well, there is, sorta. But She’s a Girl posted about her work at getting it integrated with her site, but its artifacts are mostly bound up in the commit messages for her blog. Additionally, there’s no longer a real need to offload the fetching of your content to cron, you can get perfectly serviceable JSON directly from’s API. So, I opted to tweak it, the results of which you can see in my sidebar.

I reached out to the Octopress folks and learned that a future update will include better ways to bundle new functionality and templates together, but for now, I’ve uploaded my start at an sidebar for Octopress.

[Edit 1/14/2014: Since I’ve migrated the blog to Pelican, and no longer use the sidebar, I’ve removed the previous code snippets, but the repo still exists on Github.]